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How to make your cockatiel happy

how to make your cockatiel happy

Take your bird for regularly scheduled check ups but also check with the vet when there is a change is stool, eating, sleeping, or general behavior. Wild birds chatter in the evening, before sleeping , to connect with other members of their flock. Position your parakeet on a tennis ball and let it finds its balance. There are some general guidelines you can follow when selecting the right size cage for your bird: 6 Avoid tall circular cages. Play hide and seek with your bird. Your parakeet must be able to spread its wings and move around. Placing the cage near or in a window can provide an entertaining vantage point into the outside world. Cages should also always be purchased with safety in mind. Check that the wood is safe for the bird, such as eucalyptus. Flying in place or wing flapping is used as exercise, to get your attention, or just to display happiness. Often, cockatiels will try to take flight and fall to the bottom of their cage.

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It is usually a playful behavior. If your bird will be out of its cage the majority of the day, then a smaller cage is acceptable. Change the water daily to prevent bacterial build-up. Always monitor your bird as it explores on its own. Yes, if you bird proof the area. Also, drooping is done in conjunction with drying their wing feathers after bathing. Cockatiels are social birds and love to have company. Noticing changes in daily habits and getting professional help quickly will keep your bird happy and healthy for many years to come. Question My bird doesn't bathe itself, even though we've provided a bath. Make sure your window is shut. When a bird clicks its tongue against her beak, she may be asking for you to pick her up and pet her.

Your bird will understand these actions after a while and obey your orders. Remember that the smaller the cage, the more time your cockatiel will need to spend outside of it to get the necessary exercise and mental stimulation. If you have more than one cockatiel, isolate the sick one immediately. They will get used to each other. It doesn't need to bathe more than once a week. They should have a quiet and relatively dark place to get their necessary sleep each night. Gently stroke its belly and it will be encouraged to jump on the finger. 11 Always check toys for safety, making sure there is no way your bird can get stuck in or on them. Any metal, except stainless steel isn't safe, because it could contain zinc.

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Show more answers Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Of course, the size of your bird will determine how large your cage will need. Yes, but you probably shouldn't put them how to make your cockatiel happy together at first, as they might be aggressive toward one another. Your bird should at least be able to fully stretch its wings out while inside the cage. Whether you are considering a cockatiel as a pet, or have recently become an owner, the guide below will help take you through the basics of cockatiel care. Question How do I get my bird to be friends with my dog? Always monitor the reaction. If you don't want them to pick up bad language, keep it clean around them. This is usually experienced by cockatiels in the middle of the night when the house is quiet. All birds will need to have some kind of bathing option available. Toys made from palm or raffia strips, twig balls, and vegetable tanned leather strips are all great options.

Regardless of which bird you have, if you hear a song, a whistle, or some words, you'll know your bird is happy. This will aid in removing all dirt and dust to allow their feathers to return to their normal position. What can I do to prevent this? Of course, you'll have those birds that love an audience and sing like mad when there are people around as opposed to the quiet bird who'll only sing for you. Each day, push the limits a bit. If your dog grew up with the bird, then the dog may be less hostile to your bird, but it is highly recommended to keep any cats or dogs away from birds. Remember, a cage is going to house your bird for the majority of its life. What should we do? This powder would not pose a problem in the wild because it would dissipate and the birds would not spend all of their time in the same place. This will keep bacteria levels down and illnesses at bay.

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The bird will fly towards the light. Make sure you have the right size cage for your cockatiel. Keeping such intelligent creatures happy and comfortable in pet situations can seem like a full-time job, but if you know the basics of your bird's needs, it can be easy to make sure that your pet stays healthy and content. You can't put a big bird in a small cage, due to the lack of space it'd have for its wingspan and overall size. Your cockatiel will need a variety of fruits, vegetables and sources of protein on top a seed or pellet diet. Parakeets love to interact with their owner. Make sure the cage is easy to clean. Use a grooming perch to allow your bird to trim its own nails as it moves about the cage. You will be able to distinguish which one this is by the pile of droppings underneath. Ideally, your bird will have enough room to fly from perch to perch without trouble. Never feed your cockatiel chocolate, caffeine, or alcohol.

Try to avoid concrete perches, as they are hard on the bird's feet. Question Is it true that no birds should ever live in a small cage? Furthermore, cockatiels are dusty birds and showering will help keep this at bay. These chemicals may harm your bird. Never feed your bird avocado, chocolate, caffeine, or alcohol. Look for different thicknesses, shapes and textures.

Don't place perches directly over one another as cockatiels cannot fly at steep vertical angles. It also creates a much nicer environment for how to make your cockatiel happy your cockatiel to play in and get the valuable exercise they need. Toys will help keep your bird entertained and happy. Have a play stand for your bird so it can have somewhere else to sit besides the cage. What is bird chatter? Take your bird into a room and gently set it down. A condition unique to the species is night frights. However, they will usually make their way to the floor due to their ground foraging tendencies.

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Dont forget to wash your hands before and after touching your bird. Check the window for any cold drafts or air. Observe what will prompt your bird to raise or lower its crest. Click here to share your story. Even if your bird is in a cage, take no risks. Try some of the following games out with your cockatiel : Try dancing with your cockatiel. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Your bird will be able to enjoy watching all the events that take place outside while you are away. Softly play the music near her cage while you talk to her. Nails that are long are also sharp. A walk or a flight in a room will keep your bird happy and stimulated.

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The same would apply to a small bird in a ridiculously huge cage, but only due to the chances of it getting injured by the bars. Often when a bird learns to fly, they must also learn to fold and tuck their wings. You can buy a great variety of them in your favorite pet shop. Try to use pellets and vegetables to keep your birds seed intake to a minimum (33 or less, preferably). Close windows and doors, turn off fans, put cats or other pets away. Sometimes the mood of a pet bird is difficult to read. 2 3 Put toys in the cage. Try placing it next to the birds food and water to ensure usage. Parakeets are playful animals and love toys. Before ducking back around the corner. Go around the corner to a new room and call out to your bird. Since they are ground feeders they need a separate dish for each type of food and a grate at the bottom of the cage will keep them out of their droppings. When youre not home, put your birds cage near a window so it can watch the outside world.

Cockatiels need exercise regularly. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. You can purchase special perches for this or many will happily sit on the shower rod. Okay #10006, method 1 Making The Cage Interesting 1, provide interesting food. Any hissing, screaming, biting, or attacking should result in them going back in the cages. Avoid perches and toys made out of Prunus how to make your cockatiel happy or Oak trees as these may be harmful to to your cockatiel. But in captivity, using an air purifier in your bird room will remove the fine dust from the air, decrease the chance of respiratory infections for you and your, cockatiel, and make routine clean up a lot easier. If you are often away, your bird might get lonely and depressed. If you take it out, it will usually fly. This will usually spark their instinct to begin grooming themselves.

Fly Me to the Moon. There are number of different pellet formulations, designed by veterinarians, which are intended to provide a nutrient rich and balanced diet. These signs can be obvious or subtle, and they can always give you insight into your bird's wants and needs. For this reason, have partial perches on the opposite side of the cage and do not have toys nearby that your bird could get tangled. The cage itself will need to be of adequate size to house your bird. Try making steps or platforms using your perches to handle vertical positioning. Never fore interaction and never force your birds to share a cage. Start using instructions like "Up!" and "Down!" to coincide with its hopping on and off your finger. Dust, smoke, and especially Teflon from a hot Teflon pan, can injure your birds respiratory system. It can often be very hard to tell if your bird is unwell. To read what the bird is saying, it's best to factor in the environment and body language of the bird.